Tony Pearce, CEO, TeePee Games

Coming from a 25 year background in senior management in the entertainment, tech and gaming industry Tony has an excellent track record as a successful entrepreneur, CEO and investor.

Over the past 10 years Tony has raised over $15m in VC funding and recently had two successful Crowdfunding campaigns raising over $1m. Tony has started four companies and had three successful exits. Most recently he founded TeePee Games and launched its consumer brand GamesGRABR.
Described by BBC Click as ‘like Pinterest for gamers’ and named a top 25 UK company by Mashable it’s now expanding into other brand verticals such as wine-grabr, music-grabr and more.

Previously Tony was the CEO and Co-Founder of Player X and spearheaded the company from a two person start-up in 2004 and developed it into Europe's largest mobile games distributor. The company was named by Library House as the fourth fastest growing VC backed company in the UK before it was acquired by Spanish mobile content company ZED.

Tony is also the co-founder of an executive networking event called the Centurions which is aimed at the digital entertainment industry and takes place every two months in London along with events in New York, Istanbul, Berlin and Munich.