Ukie, pronounced you-key, (UK Interactive Entertainment) is the only trade body for the UK's games and interactive entertainment industry. We are a not-for-profit and represent businesses of all sizes from small start-ups to large multinational developers, publishers and service companies, working across online, mobile apps, consoles, PC, eSports, VR and AR. Meet the team members who are at your service. 

Everything we do helps to support, grow and promote our members' businesses and the wider UK games and interactive entertainment industry by making sure we have the right economic, cultural, political and social environment needed for businesses to thrive. 
TIGA is the network for games developers and digital publishers and the trade association representing the video games industry. Our core purpose is to strengthen the games development and digital publishing sector. We achieve this by campaigning for the industry in the corridors of power, championing the industry in the media and helping our members commercially.
MCV, published by NewBay Media, is the essential information resource for everyone at the very heart of the games business - and it's now reaching and influencing more readers than at any time since launch in 1998.
The weekly print edition of the magazine is read by 14,000 retailers and trade professionals every week, either via mailed copy, browser edition or on iPad.
Online, average monthly unique visitors to in the six months to June 2011 has been over 350,000.
Direct contact and influence with the trade is also supported by leading business events, such as the MCV Industry Excellence Awards, and the Games Media Awards. Total monthly readership figures across MCV's print, online, digital, email, mobile, and social channels is over 370,000.
In short, MCV is the most effective way to communicate new product messages, build new brands and find new staff, reaching every branch and buyer in the UK.
We tell the story behind the battles – about the players, the teams, the broadcasters, the sponsors, the games, the publishers, the deals, and the leagues – the entire ecosystem that makes up the eSports business.
If you’re a professional working in this rapidly evolving market, eSports Pro is your resource to stay up to date with everything you need to know, via news, interviews, data, analysis and video. 
Our content tailored specifically with a business slant, telling the story of the individuals and companies behind the high profile tournaments and celebrity YouTubers. All this isn’t just tailor made for you, it’s about you.
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Develop is in a unique position at the games industry's heart, detailing the latest business, coding, art, sound and game design trends, and featuring interviews with the creative and commercial leaders in the field, reaching 300,000 readers.

From tools technology to production processes behind video games and serious industry issues, only Develop has complete trust and total reach within the international community.
We listen and, by working with our readership, we set the news agenda for people inside the business.
Essential Information
Develop is the only European-based website and magazine totally focused on the games development sector. It benefits from being able to drill down into technical subjects and agenda-setting issues, whilst offering valuable tips and information to its readers.
Develop is written for creative staff working directly on game projects and using software tools on a daily basis. These include programmers, designers, producers, artists, animators, quality assurance managers, testing executives, audio professionals, musicians and more.


​PCR delivers priceless trade information for the home and business computing sector. Its total average monthly readership figure across print, online, digital edition, PDF downloads, mobile and social channels tops 80,000 and is constantly growing.
PCR is highly regarded within the industry, from store manager to managing director. It is the only publication and online trade site that everybody reads.

Our emphasis on quality editorial such as interviews, sector guides and news analysis draws the community together with the common interest of ensuring the most desirable products and services are made available to the UK consumer and small business markets.

From product updates to marketing messages and serious industry issues, only PCR has complete trust and total reach within the trade.

Essential Information

PCR brings you the latest product information, including hardware and software information and market analysis. We also have relationships with a number of market research and technology analysis organisations to ensure a steady flow of market intelligence and product break-downs.