Nick Parker, Founder, Parker Consulting

Nick has been in the games industry for over twenty-four years, serving at executive level for Nintendo, Sony PlayStation (VP) and Atari (VP). For the last fourteen years, Nick has been running Parker Consulting, the industry’s foremost strategic business consultancy, specialising in building business plans, due diligence and raising capital through research, facilitation, planning and forecasting, as well as assistance with digital strategies and the cloud.  Clients include start-ups seeking help with business plans to raise capital or more established companies requiring additional resources to improve financial performance and operational efficiencies for diversification. The consultancy has advised, among others, Vodafone, BBC, British Telecom, Sony, Jagex, Nintendo, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Activision, BSkyB (Sky TV), UbiSoft, Codemasters, CCP, Gaikai, Game Digital, publishers, developers, VCs, banks, lawyers, accountants.