Nicholas Lovell, Founder, GamesBrief

Nicholas Lovell helps people make money from games. He is the founder of GAMESbrief, a website about the business of games. He was the Design Consultant on Angry Birds Go, the first Angry Birds games to embrace the free-to-play model. His video clients have included Square Enix, Sega, Supermassive Games, Makielabs, Firefly, Rebellion, nDreams and many more. He has written books on making money in the digital age (The Curve, Penguin, 2013), on game design (Design Rules for Free-To-Play Games and The F2P Toolbox) and the business of games (How to Publish a Game). He is a non-executive director of Spilt Milk Studios. 

Previously, Nicholas was an investment banker (Deutsche Bank, Lodestar Partners) and a web entrepreneur (ShopSmart, GameShadow).