Chester King, CEO, eGames

Chester King is a co-owner of the International Group of companies, which was founded in 1964. International Group has worked in 52 countries and completed 480 healthcare, leisure and sporting projects. Clients have included 24 Governments, 3 Royal Families, United Nations, the Football Association, the Miami Dolphins and Wanda Group.
International Group owns and operates IHG - International Hospitals Group (www.ihg.co.uk) and Stoke Park, the UK’s leading country club and 5 star hotel (www.stokepark.com). 
Chester has over 24 years senior management experience within the advertising, marketing, sports, eSports and leisure industries. Chester also sits on the Advisory Board of MARV Films, which is best know for the motion pictures; Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service.
Chester is the CEO of the eGames Group, which created The eGames, an international eSports competition where Pro Gamers represent their country for medals and not prize money. The eGames was showcased in Rio alongside the Olympics within British House (www.egames.org).
Chester also founded the ‘British eSports Association’ – a new not for profit national body for eSports in the UK. (www.britishesports.org).