Jennifer Griffiths, IT Professional, Chip Computers

I currently work at the independently owned as well as award-winning Chips Computers in Chesterfield. We started as a call out service, but I envisioned more for us and in 2013 we opened our store. Sense then, we have won multiple awards locally and nationally. We have won the Chesterfield Retail Awards in our sector two times, Target Shop Talk twice and the PCR award once.
I hail from Greenville Alabama where I first was turned on to technology in high school. After school I went on to work for Dell Technical Support and afterwards had my own local call out business in my home area. I met my husband in 2007 and we combined forces in 2009 and now I manage the award-winning Chips Computers where I build custom PCs and laptops as well as do repairs. I have been in the technical sector for almost 30 years now.

I am now working on a project called Tech For Techs which is aimed at bringing together other independent computer stores, distributors, manufacturers, and publication companies. Tech For Techs while at its infancy is already reviewing products to help other computer stores as well as showcasing products for manufacturers. We have created a Facebook group for this so that all parties may communicate together (store owners, distributors, manufacturers etc) Some of the companies already involved include Gigabyte, Cooler Master and Target Components.