Phylip Morgan, Network Group Managing Director, NBG

Phylip Morgan is a driven, dynamic, visionary serial entrepreneur. He was 19 when he started his first business from a West Wales farm bedroom with his
younger brother, loved it and never looked back! He enjoys meeting people, spotting opportunities and solving problems. Working to those strengths has
brought prosperity for his family and the people who have joined his ventures. He gets a real buzz out of the work he does and has earnt the reputation of
being the “Most enthusiastic person on the planet”.

CRN have placed him on their ‘A-List’ as one of the 100 most influential people in the UK Technology Industry and PCR Magazine as one of the top 50 Tech Executives in the UK.

His life is spent helping organisations and individuals succeed at what they want to achieve. On several occasions this has meant creating organisations and businesses when an opportunity has presented itself. He loves business and the opportunity it creates to give people life choices.

His primary role today is as Managing Director of Network Group, an alliance of over 70 IT Reseller Companies across the UK, and one of the most challenging roles he has have ever undertaken. Having to deliver results in a very public environment as MD of the group, deliver results for the stakeholders, manage
the many complex relationships that exist in the supply chain and deliver winning results for the Board of Directors has challenged and developed him immensely and he thrives on it. Since he joined in 2010 Phylip has returned the group to profit and increased group revenues to over £400m.