What are the NewBay Best of Show awards at ISE?
The NewBay Best of Show Awards at ISE2018 will be judged and given by NewBay Media’s industry leading publications: AV Technology Europe, Audio Media International, Installation, and PSN Europe
Can I enter more than one product, and more than one award?
ISE Show exhibitors can submit a product for consideration by one or more of these leading publications, and may submit multiple products for consideration. There is no limit for entries, but please note that each entry will require a seperate entry and payment. The Awards that are available for entry include:
  • AV Technology Europe Best of Show 2018
  • Installation ISE Best of Show 2018           
  • PSNE ISE Best of Show 2018
  • Audio Media International ISE Best of Show 2018
How much does it cost to enter? 
The cost of each entry is £365 until 22nd January. After 22nd January the price of entry will go up to £410. 
Who can enter?

Any company that exhibits a new product at ISE 2018. Products need not be shipping but must be shown publicly at ISE 2018.If a product was shown in the same form at last year’s ISE it is not eligible.


How do I enter?
Entries are submitted through our website – www.newbaybestofshow.com and are subject to specific criteria, levelling the playing field and ensuring that the judges receive all the pertinent information for each entry in the same format. This information is then used to feature shortlisted products in our Best of Show Supplement, and to feature all entries in our Best of Show Directory. 
What do I need to enter?
The entry form will ask for a 300 word profile about your product. The 300 words should demonstrate the reasons why your product deserves to win a Best in Show award. For example, it could cover:
• Ease of Use/Maintenance
• Performance against category standard
• Richness/relevance of the feature set
• Value/ROI
• Versatility
• Anticipated reliability
You will also need to supply the product name, your company name, the name and contact details for the person who will be on the stand at ISE for the judges to meet, the primary stand number where it can be seen at the show, and upload a high res image suitable for print. All of this can be entered from this site by clicking on 'Entries' or our 'enter here' button. 
For your entry you will need:
  • Your product name
  • 300 words describing why your product is innovative and why it deserves to win a Best of Show Award (see above)
  • A high res image of your product
  • The URL for the company who makes the product
  • ISE stand number
  • Contact details for the stand representative 
Any more questions?
Please contact Caroline Hicks on chicks@nbmedia.com for more information.