Interview with a past winner

Caroline Miller
Indigo Pearl
1) You picked up Agency team at last year’s awards – how did it feel to go home with that?
It felt amazing! The really cool thing about the MCV awards is that it’s voted for by the Industry, so to get that recognition is really fantastic. Also accepting the award in a room full of peers and friends, well that’s just incredible. And of course because everything is on social media nowadays it meant that even my Dad found out and was very proud of me, which was lovely.  
2) If you had to name one thing that led to the win, what would you say it was?
The fact that we completely specialise, we are experts in our field, and we love what we do. 

3) Has having that win under your belt helped open any doors for you? 
For sure it’s something that we proudly talk about to prospective clients. It’s also something that drives clients to us. And last year because it was streamed on Twitch it had a global effect! 
4) Looking forward to the 2017 MCV Awards? 
Yes. Once I’ve got over Dress/Hair/Nails stress I’ll enjoy it even more 
5) What do you think are the main benefits of getting the industry together for networking events like the MCV Awards?
It’s very clear that the UK games industry benefits from having regular get togethers, you only have to look to the USA to see that we are a much closer and friendly industry here. We have a much closer knit community here and that makes it a more pleasant place to work which means we retain talent.