Brand Extension & Beyond Winner 2016

We caught up with Will Stewart, Managing Director, The Point.1888, 2016 winner of the Brand Extension & Beyond award for their work on Innocent Headwear with Oliver Bonas...
How did it feel to go home with your award last year?
Brand Extension and Beyond was the first award we have won as a company and it felt incredible.  To be recognised by the industry as delivering something that challenged the exisitng structures of the industry has made a huge impact on our company.
If you had to name one thing that led to the win, what would you say it was?
Focusing on the right category and delivering an outstanding submission form.
Has having that win under your belt helped open any doors for you? 
We use the award winner logo on all of our media, decks, website, email signatures.  Awards bring credibility and external validation, which is so important when we are pitching to really big brand owners.
Are you looking forward to the 2017 People Awards? 
Can't wait - it was by far the best licensing awards show last year and we are really excited for this year.
What do you think are the main benefits of getting the industry together for networking events like the People Awards?
It's a great opportunity to catch up with so many key people in the industry, take some time away from the coal face and celebrate success with the team.