We believe that esports is an amazing industry to work in, full of innovation, excitement, passion and drive.

We want to work with the industry to help define and immortalise excellence for the industry, and raising up those who are working tirelessly to develop esports into a pervasive, ethical and commercially profitable industry worldwide.
We understand that comparing one esports game to another, and one esports team to another is not an exact science. Excellence in esports cannot be defined purely by the numbers, be that the number of wins, votes, views, downloads or sales; there is far more to it than that - the people and companies making these things happen!
The industry is growing up, and the acceleration of esports is dependent on those who work in it building a sustainable industry based on creativity, innovation, strong ethics and authenticity. The Esports Pro Awards will shine a light on those who live, breathe and embody esports; genuine and true esports heroes.

Tuesday 21st August


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Our aims & values:

> To work with the esports industry to recognise the achievements of those striving to make esports a growing international sport and an inclusive, positive and diverse industry to work in
> To define success beyond face value; identifying and rewarding game changing initiatives, campaigns and people in esports
> To celebrate esports from the grassroots upwards

Join the advisory panel:

We would like to develop the Esports Pro Awards with the industry, in order to make sure the event contributes positively to the esports community and accurately reflects what is needed, and should be recognised.
As such, we are recruiting expert individuals from the industry for an advisory panel. If you would like to be a part of this, please contact Hannah Tovey here.