Congratulations to everyone who won an award in 2017!
New Games IP:
Overcooked - Ghost Town Games
Sponsored by:
Horizon Zero Dawn - Guerrilla Games
Sponsored by:
Visual Design:
Batman Arkham VR - Rocksteady StudiosĀ 
Music Design:
Total War Warhammer - Creative Assembly
Sound Design:
Batman Arkham VR - Rocksteady StudiosĀ 
Sponsored by:
Best Writing:
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine - CD Projekt Red
Best Performance:
Larry Fessenden (Until Dawn: Rush of Blood) - Supermassive Games
Sponsored by:
Publishing Hero:
Curve Digital
Micro/Start-Up Studio:
Fiddlesticks Games
Sponsored by:
Independent Studio:
Playground Games
Sponsored by:
In-House Studio:
Creative Assembly
Sponsored by:
New Studio:
Playtonic Games
Sponsored by:
Creative Outsourcer: Visual & Development
Lost (Amazon Lumberyard) - Realtime UK
Design & Creativity Tool
Gamemaker Studio - YoYo Games
Tools Provider - Production
Popcorn FX - Persistant Studios
Sponsored by:
Epic Games - Unreal Engine
Audiomotion Studios
QA & Localisation
Universally Speaking
Aardvark Swift
Creative Outsourcer: Audio
Soundcuts Ltd - Sunless Sea (Failbetter Games)
Technology Provider
Studio of the Year
Guerrilla Games
Sponsored by:
Outstanding Contribution to Education
Abertay University
Develop Legends
Brenda and John Romero