Wonder what it's like to win a Develop Award? Well, wonder no more! We have spoken to some past winners about their experience with winning a Develop Award...
Sam Barlow: Her Story
How did it feel to go home with your award last year?
Humbling! Being recognized by your peers is rewarding in itself, but when it's for a project where you were trying to step outside the box, it's even more amazing. I was brought up to believe that a hat-trick was a rare and magical event, so taking home a haul of three awards was special.
If you had to name one thing that led to the win, what would you say it was?
The industry is becoming more and more diverse and the types of games, the types of stories and the types of studios themselves we now encompass is so much broader. I think Her Story ended up being a poster child for that change and the awards underscored how excited the industry is to embrace it.
Has having that win under your belt helped open any doors for you? 
The awards really rubber-stamped the success of the game and helped elevate it beyond simple commercial or critical success. They started conversations that have helped me up the ambition on my next projects.
Looking forward to the 2017 Develop Awards? 
Of course!
What do you think are the main benefits of getting the industry together for networking events like the Develop Awards?
The games industry can be very fragmented with teams siloed away working on projects. And success if so hard to come by. So it's great for people to be able to come together, eat and drink together and share in and congratulate each other on those rare successes!