DEADLINE EXTENSION: Midnight 5th August 2018

Please read the following before starting your entry...
    You must read the criteria carefully before starting your entry. The criteria will tell you what information you need to include in your entry - entries that don't include the criteria may not be accepted. CLICK HERE TO READ THE CATEGORY CRITERIA.
    Collect all of the information required for the entry offline first - this will make your online entry much easier. The system does allow you to log in and edit anything you submit online up until the entry deadline date, however you MUST complete to the final stage for the system to recognise you.
  • What you will be asked for on the form:
    • Contact details for the person submitting the entry
    • The category you're submitting an entry into
    • Name of the company/individual/campaign being entered
    • 1,000 word submission - please note that some categories require the submission to be split into 2 parts
    • Details of each sync involved:
      • Name of song
      • Name of artist
      • Publisher
      • Record label
      • Music supervisor
      • Agency (if applicable)
      • Link to the sync
    • Testimonials if required
    • Supporting documentation

Entry deadline extension: Midnight 5th August 2018