The PCR editorial team interviewed some of the  winner's from last year. Find out below what it's like to win a PCR award...
Michael Buley, Retail Director, Exertis 
You won the PCR Award for Distributor of the Year last year – what would you say was the standout feature of that year that led to the win?
We were delighted to win the distributor of the year award last year, it feels like such an achievement to have your hard-work recognised, not only by your customers but also the industry. Our standout feature this year were our people, who went above and beyond and who always make the difference.
How did it feel to pick up a PCR Award last year, and what do you think of the event?
Its feels fantastic to win a PCR Award, it really does, and we were very lucky to take home two awards last year, so it was awesome! The PCR Awards is always a great event, which is why we always ensure we’re the after-party sponsor, we like to help everyone celebrate their success and it’s the only event like this for the industry – so a pretty special evening.
Why do you think it’s important for the industry to come together at networking events like this?
It always come down to the people, so it’s really important for the industry to come together, the retail landscape is constantly changing and our businesses are always having to adapt and find new ways to deliver value to our customers. Which is why its great that the PCR Awards helps to bring the industry together in a social setting to recognise and reward the individuals and teams for doing a great job in such a dynamic environment.
Maggie Zaboura, Founder, Zaboura Communications
You won the PCR Award for Marketing/PR last year – how did it feel to pick that up?
It really felt incredible and unexpected. It felt worth winning because it was from the industry that we would be representing rather than our peer group which is a much higher validation in my opinion. 
 What do you think are the main things that contributed to the win?
Being active in the community and industry is important. Also we have had clients who have been clients for over 10 years. They are nominated for awards more than we are and we are recognised by association, for example with Kinsgton Technology and Hyper X. 

What does 2017 have in store for Zaboura?
Growth. We are growing our teams and growing our services. We are more than a PR agency and have been consulting on integrated marketing programs for a while now, but 2017 will see us increasing our services further to include Influencer Marketing and Digital Marketing services too.  
What do you think are the main benefits of getting the industry together for networking events like the PCR Awards?
Its utterly invaluable. Its when the real business happens. Getting together and talking informally is a powerful way of connecting  and nothing beats face to face interaction.