Transforming the way we create and deliver content to better engage our audience.

Digital disruptions have created new ways to reach, talk to and analyse consumers, forcing media entities to redefine their business models away from their legacy roots. 
Broadcasters, publishers and content providers alike must adapt to change and invest in technology to bring them closer to their audience.
MediaTech 360 will help you do just that.
Join us as we take the next steps in content evolution and explore the application of emergent technologies, their impact on business strategy, and where the opportunities and challenges lie as the marketplace evolves. 

Here are just a few of our confirmed speakers: 

Jonathan Acton
head of creative delivery
Clear Channel

Sinead Greenaway
chief technology and operations officer

Justin Gupta
head of UK broadcast and entertainment

Muirne Speaker Laffan
NED and strategic advisor
NED and strategic advisor

Lesley Marr
director of operations