Criteria for: Major Retailer of the Year

Who is eligible for this award?
This award is open to any major retailer (physical, online or multichannel) that sells video games, hardware or. To qualify as a major retailer the organisation should be either/or publicly listed or selling video games etc. as part of a wider retail product/service mix. 
Entry submissions must address the following criteria:
  • The number of staff in the company, including executive/support staff and remote working staff
  • A brief overview of the objectives and strategy of the company during the awards eligibility time period 
  • Evidence of the implementation of tactics to achieve objectives, and measurement and evaluation of the latter
  • Financial success: Provide evidence of specific sales achievements over the past year, this can include figures illustrating sales success, revenue growth, or expansion of the business in terms of staff or assets
  • Product range: Lay out the breadth of your product range carried, and provide details of any expansion of this – or any new products you have taken on – in the past 12 months
  • Innovation in customer service: provide evidence of customer support, customer-first reward strategies and the encouragement of repeat business