Criteria for: Indie Games Publisher of the Year

Please note - this award includes a judging day.
Who is eligible for this award?
This award is open to any video games publisher with UK based staff or a UK based office, with a headcount of under 100 non-development staff globally. 
Entry submissions must address the following criteria:
  • The number of staff in the company, including executive/support staff and remote working staff
  • A brief overview of the objectives and strategy of the company during the awards eligibility time period 
  • Evidence of the creative implementation of tactics to achieve objectives, and measurement and evaluation of the latter
  • Financial success: Provide evidence of specific sales achievements over the past year, this can include product shipping figures, revenue growth, or expansion of the business in terms of staff or assets.
  • Product range: Lay out the breadth of your product range carried, and provide details of any expansion of this – or any new publishers you have taken on – in the past 12 months.
  • Up to three testimonials demonstrating strong trade relations with the industry