Criteria for: Gaming Campaign of the Year (Under £500k budget)

Who is eligible for this award?
This award is open to a video games publisher with permanent staff or an office in the UK.
The award rewards a successful campaign for a video game or gaming product (including hardware, peripherals and accessories) undertaken within the time period for awards eligibility, under a budget of £500,000. If you are entering a campaign that started or concluded outside these dates, please only include evidence of activity within the dates for eligibility. 
Entry submissions must address the following criteria:
  • The game campaign brief, objectives and target audience 
  • Rationale behind the game campaign, including research and planning
  • Strategy and tactics, focusing on creativity and innovation
  • Implementation of tactics
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • Budget and cost effectiveness (budget will be selected from a series of budget tiers)
  • Please include one testimonial regarding the campaign, from either a client or partner